This page lists the usage of InfraRED with various opensource J2EE applications that is available on WWW.

Setting up XPetstore with InfraRED

InfraRED can be integrated with XPetStore. Follow the steps below to integrate InfraRED with XPetStore.

  1. Download InfraRED from sourceforge.
  2. Download Xpetstore-3.1.3 from sourceforge.
  3. Follow the xpetstore-3.1.3 documentation to build the Ear/War. The documentation gives details for building the application for
    • Weblogic 7.x. This can also be deployed on Weblogic 8.1
    • JBoss 3.0.x. This can also be deployed on Jboss 4.0.0
    • Tomcat 4.x
  4. Create a DataSource with the JNDI name jdbc/xpetstore for Weblogic. For the JBoss deployment create a DataSource entry with the JNDI name xpetstoreDS in oracle-ds.xml for an Oracle DB.

Integration Issues

If the war is deployed in an unexploded format, a problem that can be encountered is

VelocityServlet: Error processing the template
This problem is seen, because the application is looking for *.vm files under WEB-INF/classes, while the files are packaged under the root directory. This can be fixed updating the war by moving all the *.vm files from the root folder to WEB-INF/classes. Deploy this updated War. The application should run now.